The combination of ingredients in a dish, the importance of the balance in these different components and the result obtained once the presentation has been finalised are important stages. These are the same steps and the same expertise that we use while making our Champagnes.
Cooking at Champagne Roger Barnier has been a family affair ever since Roger Barnier and his brother Yvon were chefs. It's a passion that's been passed down through the generations, but where each person expresses themselves differently.
Pour Frédéric, la cuisine c’est :
pleasure, passion and sharing.
And you can't have a good meal without accompanying it with wine... or in the case of the house: Champagne. 
Since cooking is part of our DNA, it's only natural that we should introduce you to our Gastronomic Champagnes. In other words, Champagnes that can be enjoyed with small appetisers or as part of a meal.
Here are just a few of the pairings we thought of during our regular tastings.
Small pastry puffs with cheese
mushrooms omelette

Cuvée Sélection

Roasted duck magret with cherry, Plums Crumble

Cuvée Rosé

Marinated Chicken with sage and lemon, Beef like Korean BBQ

Cuvée Exquise

Light Sushi, Sea Bream ceviche with drop chilli

Cuvée Blanche

Fresh Pasta with olive oil and Alba's truffle.

L’Oubliée (Soléra)

Old Gouda (cheese), Scallops and butter cook endive

100% Meunier

Smoked Salmon and Sichuan pepper whipped cream

Les Bacons

Rosted Veal with his morels sauce

Les Chauffours


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