At Champagne Roger Barnier

The bottling took place in 2 days in March. 40,000 bottles were bottled and stored in the underground cellar.

Tirage BSA
Le tirage liège

Vintage Cuvées

are drawn on cork and staples for tighter, more complex wines.

The Cuvée Sélection remains on its lees for around 3 years before disgorging, and vintages will remain on their lees for a minimum of 4 years. Vintages are still stirred by hand on a rack. 

Our champagnes are not blended in large quantities, always with the aim of respecting our desire to make True Champagnes, representative of our terroirs.

After disgorging, we observe a resting phase of at least 3 months to allow the liqueur to melt into the champagne. 

The concepts that guide our work as an independent winegrower: non-conformist and free, with a single aim: Quality.

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