The vineyard is very fragmented, with 42 plots spread over 2 communes: Villevenard and Broyes.

The diversity of plots does not make the work any easier, but it does have a number of advantages: 

Protection against hail and disease.

They may affect part of the vineyard, but as all the conditions are not always present in all plots, some will be less affected than others.

A diversity of driving styles.

It's a chance to try out different clones, different rootstocks, etc... and compare them.

the heterogeneity of musts for the blending.

Chardonnay and Meunier from Broyes do not have the same organoleptic profiles as those from Villevenard, but this can also vary within the same hillside.

Having worked them for many years, we are fortunate to know each of our plots almost intimately. That's also the strength of an independent winemaker. 

Terroir holds the truth and dominates the grape variety.

When it comes to working the vines, we practise sustainable viticulture. Our methods have been and continue to be validated by High Environmental Value (HVE) certification.

To reduce the use of herbicides, we have been working the soil for over 20 years.

The soil is ploughed under the row and every 2 inter-row. The unworked inter-rows are grassed to avoid compacting the soil and to leave room for biodiversity.

Certification HVE

Tillage by animal traction in early spring on the Chauffours plot

On 3 plots, we also use an animal traction service provider to work the soil.

These are exceptional plots of land that we have decided to vinify separately in parcel form as part of our "Les Lieux-dits" trilogy:

  • Les Bacons

  • Les Chauffours

  • Les Foulonnes.


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