Here's a short list of the patois words we use in Villevenard, some of which come from Marne patois and others which are typical of the village. We also tend to put a lot of emphasis on the letter A, even if it means replacing certain "e" at the beginning of a word with "a" (e.g. râtourner for return), or even changing the conjugation rules a little.

So I don't go to the vineyards, I go to the galipes.

Don't worry, we also speak classic French very well (with almost no accent) as well as English and Spanish for to welcome you in the best possible way and make your visit to us a real discovery.

Une Attelée a period of work during the day.
Une Bâche
j’ai bâché la salle de dégustation a mop (something used to clean the soil with water)
I mopped the tasting room.
Un Badrée A big quantity of water and mised products to treat the vines. Also use in kitchen to speak about waffle and pancake paste.
Un Bagnolet A strange hat with a large visor, wear by women to protect their skin from the sun light during the outside work.
Un Bétin an animal, more like a weird animal.
Un Bilo a goose.
Un Bouvreu a grape wich is still green during the harvest.
Brousiner ou Brouillasser a light rain.
À Cabido To carry a child on the shoulder or on the back.
Une Catherinette a Ladybug.
Une Chanlatte a gutter
Le Cochelet Meal of the last harvest day, it's a celebration.
Dedrussir remove plant to give better space in the plantation.
S’empierger to trip over something.
S’entrucher to chock, food going the wrong way when eating.
Un Epantiau a scarecrow.
Gôyer get dirty.
Les galipes the vines.
Une godine a cow.
Hocques a vine strain, a dead vine cut during pruning.
Ourser to work alone.
Papinette a wooden spoon with a large handle for cooking.
Racoin a corner, a place not so easy to access, more often a place not so easy to clean.
À Tantôt see you later.
À bientôt see you this afternoon.

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