Winegrower for several generations, Roger Barnier was the first to make his own cuvées, becoming a Récoltant Manipulant.
Today, Frédéric Berthelot, his grandson, is the guardian of the Barnier style.
For 5 generations, our House has farmed 8 hectares of vines spread over 42 plots, some of which are almost a century old.
Sustainable viticulture, respecting the land and terroirs, hand-picking, traditional fractional pressing, parcel-by-parcel vinification in small vats and barrels, for great, unique and rare Champagne wines.
Controlling yields, the terroir holds the truth and dominates the grape variety, only the cuvées enter into the blends - these are the concepts that guide our work as an independent, non-conformist and free winegrower with a single aim: Quality.
Signature Roger Barnier

Over a century of Heritage

Notre Histoire

Cuvée Exquise

dj. f. [cy-ve ek-skiz] from Latin exquisius: selected, sought after, chosen from among the most delicate for the taste. Synonyms: delectable, delicious, excellent, tasty.


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